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Earthquake Resistance Reviews & Studies

Earthquake resistance reviews - Studies of private & public buildings



Our company, during all these years, has developed hundreds of studies of private and public projects in many places in Greece. Specializing in antiseismic evaluation studies, in geotechnical studies, in reinforcement studies of bearing structures, and in static studies, we undertake every project and aim to the best result, always with respect and reliability towards our customer.



Some of our complete such projects are the following ones:

Private Projects

// Structural design of the multi-story car station (Chania)
// Structural design of office building for cooperative IN.KA. (Chania)
// Antiseismic evaluation of buildings for U.S. base (Souda)
// Antiseismic evaluation - study of hotel MIRAMBELLO (St.Nickolaos)
// Antiseismic evaluation of Hotel Athens Plaza (Athens)
// Antiseismic evaluation of old office building (Chania)
// Antiseismic evaluation of IONIA Hotel (Rethymnon)
// Antiseismic evaluation of NOKIA building after fire (Athens)
// Antiseismic evaluation of building Mili Crete (Souda, Chania)
// Antiseismic evaluation of OMALOS Hotel (Chania)
// Antiseismic evaluation of hotel SAMARIA (Chania)
// Antiseismic evaluation of PANORAMA Hotel (Stalos, Chania)
// Antiseismic evaluation of hotel REA (St. Nicholas)
// Antiseismic evaluation of Palazzo Greco Hotel main building (Agia Galini, Rethymno)
// Antiseismic evaluation of CHRISTINA Hotel (Chania)
// Antiseismic evaluation of Hotel GRAND RESORT (Lagonisi)
// Antiseismic evaluation of hotel CRETA PANORAMA (Rethymno)
// Antiseismic evaluation of hotel CRETA STAR (Rethymno)
// Antiseismic evaluation of hotel ATHOS (Chalkidiki)
// Antiseismic evaluation of hotel AQUIS ARINA SAND (Heraklion)
// Antiseismic evaluation of Capsis Hotel (Rhodes)
// Antiseismic evaluation of hotel PILOT (Georgioupolis, Chania)
// Antiseismic evaluation of office building of CLINIC GAVRILAKI (Chania)
// Determination of stratigraphy & soil bearing capacity at the airport in Kastelli Pediada (133 SM)
// Land technical study for construction of the hotel Arion (Adelianos Campos, Rethymnon)
// Geotechnical study for the construction of a footbridge at Panorama Hotel (Chania)
// Antiseismic evaluation of the former Ministry of Education office building (Street Metropolis, Athens)


Public Projects

// Structural design of buildings' restoration in Kanevaro Street (Μunicipality of Chania)
// Structural design of a building's restoration in western moat (Μunicipality of Chania)
// Geotechnical study for the construction of a new High School building in Vamos (Vamos, Chania)
// Structural design of a sports field's roof in Perivolia (Μunicipality of Chania)
// Geotechnical study of buildings that house municipal workshops-warehouses (Μunicipality of Chania)
// Geotechnical study of a building of multiple uses in Voukolies (Μunicipality of Platanias)
// Structural design of a building for the Municipal Port Authority of Chania
// Antiseismic evaluation of public buildings (school groups) in Crete


The development of numerous antiseismic evaluations-quality controls of concrete used in apartment blocks and smaller buildings, and also the development of static and geotechnical studies throughout Greece.