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Reinforcements - Special Foundations - Retaining

Reinforcements - Special foundations - Retaining



Our company, during all these years, has developed hundreds of studies of private and public projects in many places in Greece. Specializing in antiseismic evaluation studies, in geotechnical studies, in reinforcement studies of bearing structures, and in static studies, we undertake every project and aim to the best result, always with respect and reliability towards our customer.



Some of our complete such projects are the following ones:

// Strengthening the bearing structure of a multi-story building (K. Sfakianakis & Gregory E, Chania)
// Construction of special foundations (Street Metaxaki 13-15, Chania)
// Construction of retaining wall of type 'Berlin' (Cydonia Ag Apostoli, Chania)
// Strengthening the bearing structure a multi-story building (1866 square Chania)
// Retaining excavation slopes of the hotel 'Porto Platanias' (Platanias, Chania)
// Strengthening the bearing structure of a hotel complex which is in property of SEA SA (Lambi area, Kos)
// Retaining excavation slopes (Kanari coast 31, Chania)
// Stabilization of slopes (End Heroes Polytechnic, Chania)
// Application of grout on the masonry at the dry dock of Venetian Port in Chania
// Construction of micropiles foundation (Fournado, Chania)
// Strengthening overhangs of the building of 4th High School (Heraklion)
// Construction of of piles to stabilize a swimming pool (Agia Galini, Rethymno)
// Strengthening concrete structures (NSA Souda, Chania)
// Retaining excavation slopes of a building (Skalidi Street, Chania)
// Sampling drilling-finding of the effective stresses (Platanias, Chania)
// Strengthening the bearing structure of LICHNOS Hotel (Parga)
// Strengthening the bearing structure of the hotel CRETA STAR (Rethymno)
// Strengthening the bearing structure of Athos Hotel (Halkidiki)
// Strengthening the bearing structure of the hotel CRETA PANORAMA (Rethymno)
// Strengthening the bearing structure of CHRISTINA Hotel (Chania)
// Interventions at the bearing structure the mansion RENIER (Venetian Port of Chania)
// Strengthening the jetty of the hotel CRETA MARINE (Rethymno)
// Restoration - strengthening the small harbor breakwater at CRETA PANORAMA (Rethymno)
// Strengthening the two-storey stone-built building in the old town of Chania
// Retaining land and special foundation pool (Kissamos Livadia)


Completion of a large number of smaller private projects (reinforcements-maintenances F.O. buildings etc.)