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One of the most basic activities of our company is the development of a variety of studies. Through the long experience of our fellow civil engineers, who are capable of implementing any type of study, our company has managed to develop some innovative applications, and also to ensure the maximum of the accuracy and the precision a study . We undertake the structural design of several constructions and the development of enhancement studies for the already existing ones, by using the most modern equipment and building materials. Also, our company, applying all of the national and international regulations which are in force in our country, specializes in geotechnical studies, in studies that concern the support of the constructions and finally, in studies of the special foundations some of them may need. Driven by the needs of each manufacture and the customer's requirements, we manage to bring off effectively any project we undertake, with both reliability and safety.

 Static Studies
They mainly constitute separate and independent studies, which refer either to a building or to groups of them, or even refer to a building's project. Static studies provide us with the necessary technical information and instructions, in order for us to ensure the safety of the technical and economic construction of the structure of the building's project. The particular study comprises drawing up the necessary calculations and preparing of designs, tables etc. that are required for the construction of the structure, as well as the evaluation of the proposed expenditure for the completion of the task. In particular, the content of a static study is divided into three different sections: the calculation issues, the structure's designs and finally the designing details.

 Geotechnical Studies
These kinds of studies mainly determine the composition and properties of territorial masses. Some of the main practical applications of geotechnical studies are: The building foundation, the stability of embankments, ditches, the reparation of landslides, the study pavement, and others. Also, during a geotechnical study the main stages of the research are: the development of drillings and laboratory tests, as well as the examination of the experimental findings and results.

 Enhancement Studies
These studies are performed on the already existing buildings or on even larger projects, in order to increase their earthquake resistance, provided that their adequacy has been thoroughly checked. When a construction lacks the necessary safety (meaning that it might not be able to bring the loads expected from a potential earthquake), it is of vital importance to enhance its structure, by any technically appropriate intervention to the existing bearing elements and / or by the addition of new supporting elements, such as walls, columns, etc.. Thus, it is possible to upgrade the carrying capacity of the construction, to resist a potential bigger earthquake than before.

Slope Retaining Studies
They constitute a main category in soil mechanics studies. A slope may fail under the effect of geological, morphological, physical or human factors. So, it is very essential to evaluate the stability of slopes of a structure, so as to ensure the safety not only of the particular building but also of the adjoining ones. During these studies, professionals select the morphology of excavation slopes and examine the worst section, in order to provide the appropriate shoring, which needs to be fitted to the structure.


Special Software:
// Computer Programme that evaluates the earthquake resistance of the existing construction: MANDIS GIBFIL
// Computer Programme that analyzes both static and dynamic characteristics: ROBOT, SCADA PRO, SPACE, CUBUS, LARIX, FEDRA, RAF
// Computer Programme that analyzes static characteristics: 3MURI